Everybody is talking about millenials these days. You may also know them by ”Generation Y” or even (my pesonal favorite) “Digial Natives”. Whatever your favorite term, we’re talking about the people between the ages of 21 to 34, riding the tailwind of Generation X.

At the speed of the internet, Digital Natives are disrupting traditional industries in so many ways that innovation has seem to become a part of their DNA.

Here at Taster’s Club, we’ve noticed another thing that is setting Generation Y apart is that they are looking for novelty, which is reflected in their drinking tastes. In an attempt to differenciate themselvs from their parents – Generation X, Millennials are taking off where their grandparents left it by enjoying 3 fingers of whiskey while socializing. Responding to their parents love of beer and wine, younger folks today are just consuming Bourbon, rye and scotch, but they’re choosing well. Studies today show that consumption of lower-shelf whiskey is declinging for this demographic and beging replaced by the good stuff.

Needless to say, brown liquor has their favours. Here’s some data put together for you by Taster’s Club that helps understand Millennials appetite for whiskey.

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Cheers & enjoy!

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