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WhistlePig Rye Whiskey

Quickly becoming a household name

You may have heard of it, but have you had the chance to taste WhistlePig yet? If not, try to get your hands on a bottle as soon as possible. Trust us, you won’t regret it. What makes WhistlePig so special you ask? We’ve have 4 interesting facts about the newest Rye Whiskey and why you’ll need to head to out to track down a bottle of your own.

First off, The Vermont based Whistle Pig is one of the only 100% rye whiskies on the market today. When Raj Bhakta, former TV Show “The Apprentice” cast member, started WhistlePig, he wanted to bring nothing but the best to the table, and he did not disappoint. What he worked to create is incredibly unique and distinctive. The very pure and tasty WhistlePig 10 year is 100% rye whiskey and 100 proof. Being 100% pure rye, the whiskey is a bit different than other rye whiskeys. It offers the natural bite that most whiskeys have, but the aftertaste is much smoother and also has a hint of sweetness as well.

Another interesting fact about the WhistlePig Process is that the last three year of WhistlePig’s aging process is spent in barrels that were first used in the bourbon aging process. This gives it a very distinct finish and sets it apart from its competitors. This finish is also award winning, receiving critical acclaim from GQ, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, and the “highest recommendation” from Spirits Journal and a 96 from Wine Enthusiast, the highest rating a rye whiskey has ever received.

…the “highest recommendation” from Spirits Journal and a 96 from Wine Enthusiast, the highest rating a rye whiskey has ever received.

Another interesting fact about WhistlePig is that it has made an appearance on a very popular Television show, Breaking Bad. The company knew nothing that it was going to be on the show so how did they find out that their beloved WhistlePig had made it to the TV Screen? The specific pop of the WhistlePig cork. Breaking Bad also happens to be the owner, Raj Bhakta’s, favorite show.

Lastly, you may be asking where does one come up with a name like WhistlePig? Apparently, Raj Bhakta was hiking in the Rockies near Vail, CA when a man who resembled Albert Einstein raced down the mountain on his bike. As he got closer he stopped, got close to Bhakta’s face and exclaimed in a French accent, “Could it be a whistle pig?!” The bizarre encounter left quite an impression and Bhakta then named his award winning rye whiskey after this mysterious Whistle Pig claim.

Learn more about WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey head on over to their website.

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