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Get Great Wine
Every Month

& Become an Expert
  • One (1) or two (2) 750ml bottles of high-end wine
  • Your choice of white or red selections
  • Expert-level tasting, history and vineyard notes
  • Cancel anytime, no hidden fees
Starting at $49 / mo + shipping
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Why You Should Join The Wine Club

We’ve worked hard to curate a list of premium wines that are difficult or impossible to find anywhere else in the country.

Each month, you will enjoy the “first time feeling” of sampling a new bottle and receive tasting notes from our in-house experts.

Becoming a Taster’s Club member is a great way to expand your palette, acquire a conversation piece for your next gathering, or become a bona fide wine connoisseur.


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Select Your Club

1-Bottle Club

$49 / mo + shipping

Get one bottle of unique, lesser-known wine from vineyards around the world each month. Choose your preference between red or white wine.

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2-Bottle Club

$89 / mo + shipping

Get two bottles of unique, lesser-known wines from vineyards around the world each month. Limited to 1 red and 1 white each shipment.

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