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The Best Scotch Gift since 2013

Delivering the Best Holiday Scotch Gifts since 2013

Discover the ideal gift for whisky enthusiasts with Taster's Club Scotch Club, featuring handpicked bottles from Scotland's premier distilleries, showcasing Speyside's intricate richness to Islay's intense peat, ensuring an unforgettable flavor adventure.

Your gift recipient can expect:

  • Hand picked full size bottle of Scotch
  • Scotch from Speyside to Islay
  • Digital tasting notes 
  • Personalized gift email and certificate
  • Access to our members only bottle shop
  • Best in class customer service
Scotch Gift Options
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How Taster’s Club Gifting Works

Choose Gift Duration

Choose the duration for your recipient to enjoy their Scotch Club experience. We have 3, 6, or 12 month prepaid memberships, multi-packs; or our most popular option is our month to month subscription with an option to cancel at any time.

Personalize Gift Message

Next, write a personalized message so your recipient knows who gave them such a great gift. They’ll receive an email on the date you choose with your message and a personalized welcome certificate explaining their upcoming gift.

Set Delivery Address

Finally, set the delivery address. We deliver to 46 states, so be sure to check out our Map.
PRO TIP: All shipments require an adult signature therefore we recommend using a work address if no one is home during business hours. Shipping Policy.

Scotch of the Month Club

Monthly Subscription

Looking for the perfect gift that keeps on giving? Gift our monthly subscription box to the Scotch lover in your life. Month after month your gift recipient will receive a full size bottle of curated selections shipped straight to their door and learn all about it with our digital 101.

Month to Month Subscription
Auto-Renews Every Month
Cancel Anytime


Per Month Plus Shipping and Handling

Prepaid Membership

Prepay and send a specific number of shipments! Choose from our prepaid options: 3, 6, or 12 months with a one-time payment. No auto-renewal, just all the perks of our monthly Scotch subscription box.

3 Months


Shipping Included

6 Months


Shipping Included

12 Months


Shipping Included

Three Bottle Gift Pack

Try our one-time Scotch box! Get 3 curated selections in a single shipment. Enjoy all the perks of our monthly subscription in one package. It's the ultimate Scotch experience, delivered right to the doorstep.

3 Pack


Shipping Included

About the Scotch of the Month Club

Your gift recipient will receive curated full-sized bottles delivered straight to their door every month. Our Curator chooses bottles with unique production styles, aging processes, and barrel finishes, making each bottle an adventure of its own. We even feature bottles with limited production and availability, so you know they’re tasting something special. If your special someone curious about the inspiration behind creating the bottle, check out our Digital 101s, full of the bottle’s story, why we chose it and tasting notes.

Scotch 101s: Every Liquor Journey Needs a Guide

Your Digital 101 tells the story of why we curated a bottle for you and how to best enjoy it. Here’s what you can expect to find. 

  • The inspiration behind the bottle
  • How to drink it 
  • Cocktail recipes
  • Tasting notes
  • The distillery’s story
  • Behind-the-scenes info on production techniques
  • Reviews & Awards

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Randy Nolf
A huge hit

Our daughter recently got married. At the welcome dinner the night before we ran a scotch tasting station with a 12 bottle sample of my collection. It was a big hit along with Rocky Patel and Macanudo samples as well.

Troy Moorman
They aim to please great customer service

I’ve had hood whiskeys sent for my Whiskey and Scotch membership. However, I had issue with one shipment and with one email the team was all over it to come up with a satisfactory outcome. That speaks volumes about the commitment to creating a great experience all the way around. Thank you!

Scotch Bottles in Our Bottle Shop

Choose from our previously curated features and one-off bottle selections in various liquor categories. Come in and explore all the tasty possibilities.

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