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Admiral Rodney Officer's Releases No. 2

Admiral Rodney Officer's Releases No. 2

Admiral Rodney
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The second selection of the series, Admiral Rodney Officer’s Release No. 2, is an artful blend in the tradition of Saint Lucian rum.

This limited edition is distilled and matured with expertise by the master blender of St. Lucia Distillers in the hot and humid tropical climate of the island. Distilled using our 45 plate Coffey still, which was commissioned in 1984, Admiral Rodney rums are extracted from the bottom plates of the still which provides unique flavors and intensity.

Our blender Deny Duplessis has selected exceptional casks from 2009. These rums were matured in American white oak casks used originally to age bourbon. The rum was then transferred to Irish whiskey casks made from European oak and rested for another nine months.

Tasting notes: This exceptional rum has an intense nose of honeyed raisin, candied fruits, and toasty licorice oak with a hint of toffee. On the plate, sweet tropical fruits give way to spicy vanilla-tobacco intensity and a definite hind of peaty earthiness from the Irish whiskey cask.

Limited to 5000 bottles production worldwide.

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