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Cada Dia Reposado Tequila

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Driven by love and passion, Sandeep and Riti Gupta founded Cada día Premium Sipping Tequila to embody the joy of living life to the fullest and embracing the good in each and every day. Their journey began as a young married couple with the understanding that purpose and balance in life meant everything.

The vibrant colors of Mexico, the fiery and flavourful foods, and the artfully crafted tequila have long been a source of inspiration for the two. In Mexican culture, the hummingbird is known for evoking emotions of joy and inspiring a sense of fearlessness in the observer. Cada día purposefully incorporates the cherished Mexican bird to embrace and impart some of its radiant emotional attributes into Cada Día Reposado. Their rendition of the symbol is designed to be powerful while preserving its elegance and sophistication.

This tequila’s journey begins in the lush valley of Tequila, La Cofradia. It’s 100% Mexican-owned and has been producing consistent, unrivaled, and character-filled Tequila for over 50 years. The perfect balance of spicy, earthy, sweet oak, and herbaceous notes is achieved using 8-year-old agave, aged for a period of 8 months in used American white oak barrels. These barrels are stored in a cellar surrounded by mango trees to create the ideal atmosphere.

Sandeep and Riti honor tradition and embrace Mexican culture to bring an unmistakably authentic experience to the world. The joy of living and making the most out of every day is what has made their dreams into reality. We’ll drink to that!