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Santa Fe Spirits Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey

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Santa Fe Spirits was established in 2010 by founder Colin Keegan. A huge fan of single malt Scotch, he wanted to create an American single malt made in the Scotch style but centered around the American Southwest to reflect the region from which it’s crafted. 

Santa Fe Spirits uses malted barley sourced from Minnesota, and they’re one of the first distilleries in the US to use mesquite to smoke rather than peat. As a result, the mesquite adds a beautiful smoky character to the whiskey, unlike any other American single malt.
Colin and his team worked with Briess Malting House to develop the recipe for the mesquite-smoked portion of their malt, which is approximately 1/3 smoked barley and 2/3 unsmoked, to create Colkegan Single malt Whiskey.

Colkegan is aged in both New American Oak and used bourbon barrels. Because Santa Fe is a high desert, and the distillery is at 7000 feet, there is very little humidity. These conditions lead to a higher angel's share, around 12 - 15%. More whiskey is pulled into the staves in the first year of aging, so the barrel flavors are quicker to develop than in a whiskey that’s aged near sea level in a humid environment. For this reason, Santa Fe Spirits can bottle a mature whiskey at a younger age.