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The Bad Stuff Reposado Tequila

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The Bad Stuff is crafted from the finest estate-grown Tequilana Weber (blue) within The Golden Triangle in the Highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. There are no pesticides used in the agave fields, and the whole team at Compañia Tequilera pride themselves on their eco-friendly processes. The agave there can grow year-round due to their estate-grown agave program, and in fact, they currently have 4.5 million plants in the ground at varying stages of maturity.

The agave is hand-selected by their skilled Jimador and harvested at full maturity (7 years). Then the agave is baked in high-pressure adjustable autoclave ovens for 16 hours. Master Distiller Felipe Soto-Mares wanted to blend innovative methods with traditional processes, and one way he and his team did this was by designing a system to produce steam for baking the agave without using fossil fuel steam generators. Instead, their system uses the agave fiber and wood chips as fuel. They also use open vat fermentation which offers a more natural fermentation cycle. 

Using only pure artesian water from their on-site wells, they double distill first in stainless steel and finish in a copper alembic before resting. The reposado ages for 8 months in 3 year old barrels.

The goal in creating The Bad Stuff was to produce a traditional additive free ultra-premium tequila, and you get to test this for yourself! Judging by the awards and positive customer reviews, we think you’ll really enjoy it.