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8 Corporate Gifts They Will Actually Want

Money might make the world go round, but most professionals know that strong relationships can be just as valuable as greenbacks. There’s a lot that goes into making sure your business relationships are healthy and vital, but thoughtful gifts remain one of the best ways to show your clients, colleagues, and employees how much you value them.

Human beings have been giving each other gifts since before recorded history. The act of choosing and sharing something delightful with another person reinforces social bonds and makes the recipient feel cared for. Yet paradoxically, giving a gift often makes the giver feel just as good as the recipient, helping us derive joy from others’ happiness and giving us a chance to remember just how pleasurable it is to be generous.

There’s never a bad time to give a gift, but the winter holidays give us one of the best opportunities of the year to deepen and reinforce the relationships that support our success. Yet too often, corporate gifts are anonymous, uninspired, or—dare we say it—just plain lame. Monogrammed desk sets or a frozen turkey might have been OK for your grandfather’s generation, but today’s clients, employees, and colleagues deserve more personalized business gifts that recognize their unique personalities and contributions.

In the spirit of gratitude for everyone who supports us, we’ve put together a list of corporate gift ideas for modern life. Whether you’re looking for ideas for thank you gifts, corporate gifts for employees, corporate gifts for clients, or even gifts for business partners, we’ve got you covered in style (and minus the hassle).


Everybody deserves a night on the town, especially after logging yet another 40-hour week at the office (ok, let’s be honest, 50 hours). That’s why tickets to events and performances are one of the best business gifts for the people in your life dedicated to the hustle. For local giftees, you might be able to pick up ticket vouchers or a gift certificate to a local independent theater, a concert hall, or a major venue. Or, head online to and snag a gift certificate redeemable at movie theaters around the country.


Fresh flowers are one of the most elegant professional gifts, ideal as a business gift for clients with a consumer-facing space (think restaurants and salons) or as a business thank you gift for a person who’s gone above and beyond for your company. Local florists will often create customized arrangements according to your request, and then deliver them right to your clients’ door.


Let’s be honest; offices run on coffee. Customized insulated mugs, locally roasted coffee beans, or the latest hip pour-over rig make amazing business gift ideas for the hardworking men and women who keep the lights on and the company humming. And for tea drinkers, loose-leaf tea, teapots, or infuser mugs make great business gift sets for use at home or the office.


Travel accessories like laptop sleeves, luggage, and passport wallets are great ideas for custom gifts, especially if you know the recipient travels a lot for work. Smaller items like luggage tags can also make great corporate holiday party favors—and, as an added bonus, you can cross worrying about lost employee luggage and the attendant lost product samples or company information off your list.


Wearables are of the most popular corporate gift ideas for employees in recent years, especially for companies with wellness programs. Devices like a FitBit help employees track their steps, heart rate, activity level, and calories burned, incentivizing them to make those little changes that add up to healthier lives and increased productivity.


We think a Taster’s Club membership is one of the best corporate gift ideas out there. It’s super versatile and customizable, which makes it perfect for anyone you might give a business gift: important clients, great account managers, star employees, you name it.

You can choose between three-month, six-month, and 12-month tiers in all of our different clubs. If you know they’re a whiskey nerd or rum fanatic, you can sign them up for a spirit-specific club, but if you’re not sure about their tipple of choice, our Stock the Bar club sends a different kind of booze each and every month. Or, pick a Taster’s Club gift card and let them enjoy the experience of shopping for their very favorite sippers.


Edible options for company gifts abound. Here, you’ve got options, from unique corporate gifts from companies like Edible Arrangements (everyone loves a fruit kebab!), to luxury corporate gifts like baskets from online retailers like Dean & DeLuca. Upscale chocolates, fine olive oil, imported cheeses? Yes please!


Some of our favorite executive gift ideas this year are all about wellness. Gift certificates for massage, hotels, or spa services make lovely, personalized business gifts that tell the recipient you see how hard they work and you care that they have time to unwind, relax, and let go. Rejuvenating outside of work is essential for long-term success in any career, especially demanding roles. By giving the gift of wellness, you’re investing in that person’s longevity and making sure they’re there to help when you need them.

No matter what you choose to give, you’re sending an important message to the people you send a business gift: Your contributions matter, and we’re committed to making sure our mutually beneficial connection stays as strong and healthy as possible. Now those are the kinds of relationships you can take to the bank.

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