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Buy Bourbon Online With Taster's Club

Now that we can buy basically anything on the internet, we’ve also seen significant growth in being able to buy bourbon online. The bourbon industry has experienced considerable growth over the last decade, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. In Kentucky (Bourbon’s home state), bourbon generates more than 22,500 jobs with an annual payroll topping $1.23 billion while bringing in over $286 million in annual tax revenue for the state and local governments. It’s expected that the bourbon and spirits industry will break records in 2022 as well. 

This is all great news for anyone in the industry, but it’s also excellent news for all of us bourbon fans who just can’t get enough! The more bourbon becomes available, the more opportunities we have to try new and exciting releases. At Taster’s Club, this means we can bring our members an even more extensive selection of bourbons that wouldn’t have been possible a decade or even five years ago. 

Whether you’re looking for a curated Bourbon of the Month Club or a one-off bourbon bottle, we’ve got you covered!

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Why Buy Bourbon Online?


This is the number one reason our customers buy bourbon online- they never have to leave the house or go searching for a unique bottle. So skip the traffic, forget about the cost of gas, and don’t even worry about whether or not your local liquor store carries what you’re looking for. Instead, you can just log on to your favorite website,, and find exactly what you’re looking for: a curated subscription or a special bottle. 

Our brand new Bottle Shop is re-stocked weekly with some of your favorites and new releases for you to check out. You can search by the bourbon’s name or brand, and each bottle is listed with a description that will help you make the right choice. Maybe your new favorite bottle is waiting for you there!

Our Bourbon of the Month Club is our best-selling gift, with options to send bottles monthly, for a set amount of time, or even several bottles in one gift pack.

buy bourbon online bourbon of the month

Wide variety of Bourbon

Every month, we have something new for you to try. In addition, our bourbon club members receive a curated selection of bourbons by our Spirits Expert specifically for you. We always tease him that he has the hardest job of tasting and selecting each of the bourbons, but as he says, someone has to do it!

Here are some of the characteristics you will find in any given month in our club. 

  • Wheated, Rye, Corn, or Four Grain Bourbon
  • Straight, Blended, Cask Strength, or Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Small-batch, Hand-crafted, Grain-to-Glass Bourbon
  • Made in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, and beyond

Bourbon Makes Tasty Gifts

Bourbon makes excellent gifts for birthdays, holidays, corporate events, or any kind of celebration. You can send a Bourbon of the Month Club or a one-off bottle from our Bottle Shop. Either one will give you the option to add a personalized note too!

Who Buys Bourbon Online?

Anyone looking for a curated drinking experience

At Taster’s Club, we select, organize, and present all of our selections using our expert spirits industry knowledge. If you’re anything like us, you like experts to help you make informed decisions about your liquor. 

Anyone looking to purchase a one-off bourbon bottle

If you like to mix it up and try new things, grab a bottle or two from our Online Bottle Shop. You can try new flavors and varieties and get items that may be hard or impossible to find in your local store.

Anyone wanting to stock their home bar 

These days, it’s less expensive and way more fun to have friends over for cocktails at your home bar. Here you can share some fun alcohol trivia, work on your mixology skills, share drink recipes, try new bottles, and taste some of your favorite bourbons. We have a lot of members who crack open their monthly bottles at dinner with friends, and we just love seeing people gather around tasty bourbon!

Where Can You Buy Bourbon Online?

There are quite a few websites that sell bourbon online, but you’ll want to choose one that can legally ship to your state. Unfortunately, out-of-state alcohol shipments are still highly regulated, making things a little challenging. We have vendors and shipping partners that allow us to ship to 45 of the 50 states. Currently, we do not ship internationally or to the following states: 

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Kentucky
  • Utah
  • Mississippi

Also, keep in mind that because packages must be signed by an adult, 21 years old or older, we cannot deliver to PO Boxes, APO/FPO addresses, mail forwarding services, or courier depots.

where to buy bourbon online

Our Bourbon of the Month Club Features

What is it?

Each month you’ll receive a curated bourbon bottle delivered straight to your door, plus a digital 101 with tasting notes and behind-the-scenes information about the bottle. In addition, our relationships with distilleries give us access to exclusive expressions, each with a unique story to share. You can be a part of that story by joining our Bourbon of the Month Club.

How does it work?

how does it work to buy bourbon online

1. Choose Your Club

First, pick from our nine spirits or wine clubs. Want a taste of everything? Check out our Stock the Bar Club to receive different spirit types each month.

2. Select Frequency

Next, choose the duration of your membership, shipment frequency, and your preferred pricing structure. Extend, renew, or cancel at any time.

3.Set Delivery Address

Then, set the delivery address. We deliver to 46 states, so make sure yours is on our Map. We can deliver to your home, your workplace, or to a friend.

Why Buy Bourbon Online From Taster’s Club?

We don’t just send you a bottle. Instead, we take you on a journey, from the creation of the bottle to the first sip. Each bottle is specifically curated for you, so you know you’re not just receiving a random bottle. Different options help expand your palate and help you discern what you genuinely like. We also help enhance your liquor knowledge with our Digital 101s, full of info unique to each bottle and expert tasting notes. Taster’s Club is trusted by prominent media outlets like Buzzfeed, Esquire, Forbes, Men's Journal, and thousands of members all over the US.

buy bourbon online
Buy Bourbon Online
Our clubs will delight and surprise you.
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Ok, just one more thing…

You’ll also want to watch your email and our social media pages for unique buying offers, special discount codes, and limited releases. We sell out of our top-rated bourbons and whiskeys pretty fast, so keep that browser open, and stay thirsty, friends!

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