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Top Gifts for Tequila Lovers of All Kinds

With north of 1,400 tequila brands out there, it can be pretty overwhelming to select just the right bottle for that tequila fan in your life. But the good news is, there’s tons of tequila-themed merchandise to choose from instead. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration in picking creative gifts for tequila lovers, you’ve come to the right place. With these out-of-the-box gift ideas for all sorts of tequila drinkers, you’ll get brownie points no matter the occasion. And there’s a good chance you might even have trouble choosing.

Best Gift for Tequila Lovers: a Taster’s Club Membership

The Taster’s Club tequila membership is a great gift for anyone who loves tequila. Of course, many people have their favorites, but you can broaden anyone’s horizons and open new doors with this club. Each month, they’ll get a selection of some of the best and toughest to find tequila brands delivered directly to them. And, if you opt for the Tequila PRO club, this includes some very rare bottles. The best part is they do nothing – no planning, shopping, or selecting since you’ve done all of this in advance.


Once a month, a new 750-ml bottle of tequila is delivered to your tequila fan’s doorstep. They’ll learn all about each tequila through expert-level history, distillery notes, and tasting. And if they’d like a break, not to worry as they can cancel at any point without hidden fees.

Each month, your tequila-loving pal will discover:

  • Each bottle’s flavor profiles and tasting notes.
  • How to properly taste and assess tequila.
  • The different styles of tequila.
  • How tequila is made.
  • Mexican distilleries.
  • Tequila regions and what defines them.
  • Tequila production techniques.
  • Commentary and evaluations on different bottles from experts.

Looking for more ideas? Check out the rest of our guide.

Tequila of the Month Club: The Gift That Keeps Giving
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Tequila Dishes

Whether your tequila fan likes the drink neat, in a cocktail, or in their favorite Mexican recipe, these dishes are some of the best gifts for tequila lovers.


Many believe that good tequila should be sipped slowly in a high-quality tequila glass. Riedel’s Ouverture Tequila Glasses are specifically designed for this. They cause the alcohol to open up and slightly evaporate. This is how scents come through and you can fully experience the spirit and all of its properties, including color, body, and brilliance. The narrow flute glass promotes aroma concentration as you enjoy and savor each layer of the drink.


For a colorful, cheerful addition to a party, your mezcal or tequila-loving pal will enjoy using these ceramic Mexican Talavera shot glasses. Each hand-painted glass in the set of four holds 2 fluid ounces and was created by Mexican artisans.


For the ultimate in sophistication, check out this porcelain, retro black and 16-karat gold Jonathan Adler tequila decanter from Saks Fifth Avenue. It comes with gaskets to optimally store whatever tequila your pal fancies.


You can’t get more personal than this customized etched tequila bottle, engraved from an authentic Patron Tequila bottle. You can include your tequila lover’s name and a short message or date, or place a custom order if you have something else in mind. 


Anyone who loves to entertain will appreciate this fun bamboo “Tequila, Lime & Sunshine” cutting and serving board. It just makes cocktail prep and garnishes more fun. The board measures 8.75 x 6 inches.

Tequila Foodies

Check out this list for anyone who appreciates food and knows their way around the kitchen.


If the tequila lover in your life is also a taco fan and knows their way around the kitchen, you’ve got this gift in the bag. In the Tequila & Tacos cookbook, food writer and spirit enthusiast, Katherine Cobbs, takes you on a journey through mouth-watering tacos paired with creative tequila cocktails.

Inspired by taco stands and bars nationwide, she’ll show you classics like Al Pastor and Baja-style fish tacos, plus new combinations like fried Brussel sprout tacos and tempura-battered seaweed-ahi tuna tacos. As for tequila, you’ll find everything from a traditional Paloma rimmed in salt to a Mezcal Manhattan.


For a fun, simple, and unique tequila gift, check out these margarita tequila marshmallows. Made with tequila and fresh lime juice and topped off with confectioners sugar, your mouth will water once you smell the citrus aroma. You can order a small or large set that keeps for up to four weeks and can be refrigerated or frozen.


If the tequila lover in your life enjoys the spirit neat, this pair of agave worm salt (sal de gusano) and grasshopper salt (sal de chapulín) is a no-brainer. The salts are traditionally sprinkled over orange slices to eat in between tequila sips. They complement the flavor and cleanse the palate, making them perfect for tequila tastings. But, they’re also great on the rim of a cocktail glass.


Made with tequila, lime and jalapenos, Queen Majesty’s hot sauce is all-natural and smooth with a lasting medium-heat brought out by the tequila. Winner of the Screaming Mimi’s Gold Medal 2015 & Silver Medal 2014 in the Jalapeño category at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, this sauce also features apple cider vinegar and green apple to complement the lime juice. Your tequila lover will enjoy it on everything from grilled seafood to eggs to tacos.

Tequila Fun

Still can’t decide? Check out these fun picks for the best gifts for tequila lovers, below.


Even if you’re not sure about a tequila-themed gift, you can still have a lot of fun with this hand-drawn, funny tequila birthday card. The outside says, “I don’t know if tequila is the answer” and it opens up to, “But it’s worth a shot! Happy birthday”.


Whether your tequila fan loves literature, the beach, or just word puns, you’re sure to crack a smile with this made-to-order oversized, soft but absorbent beach towel from Society6. It’s machine washable with a polyester-microfiber front and white cotton terry back.


We wouldn’t have tequila without the agave plant, which the tequila-lover in your life surely appreciates. If they also have a deep appreciation for art and love to make a statement, consider the Agave at Noon print from Pottery Barn. The print is in a distressed matte black pinus radiata frame backed with D-Rings for wall mounting.

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