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The Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

A bottle of whiskey might be that safe, default gift for the whiskey lover in your life. But after many birthdays or holidays, you might be going for something a little outside of the box. Don’t worry. With these creative ideas as gifts for whiskey lovers of all types, you’ll be in their good books no matter the occasion or time of year.

Top Gift Pick for Whiskey Lovers: a Taster’s Club Membership

The Taster’s Club Whiskey membership is one of the perfect gifts for any whiskey lover in your life. They might have their favorites, but why not help them branch out? With zero effort, they’ll get an international variety of the best and hardest-to-find brands of whiskey on their doorstep every month. They’ll be grateful not to plan, shop, or choose since you’ve done all the legwork for them!

Here’s how Taster’s Club works:

  • Each month, get a new 750-ml bottle of whiskey delivered right to their doorstep.
  • This gives them the opportunity to learn all about each whiskey through expert-level history, distillery notes, and tasting.
  • Rest assured, if it’s not right, they can cancel anytime without any hidden fees.

While Taster’s Club is one of the best all-around gifts for whiskey lovers, if you’re trying to go for something a bit more hands-on, keep reading.


Show that whiskey lover in your life a whole new world with this Vincent and Leon Horst whiskey making kit. It includes different botanicals and wood chips to concoct their very own signature spirit, served up over whiskey stones. So, they’ll enjoy that drink even more with the creative juices flowing.


If that whiskey lover you know also loves wildlife and aging their own spirits, why not go extra thoughtful and create their very own personalized wildlife-themed oak barrel

AmericanOakBarrel will customize this gift to suit with laser engraving, and you can choose from 10 different animal designs. The barrel comes in 1 liter to 20 liter sizes plus upgrade options, plus all you need to turn standard liquor store whiskey into top-shelf flavors aged to taste. You’ll even get a seal guarantee and a 90-day warranty.


Even the longest-time whiskey lovers among us might be unfamiliar with smoking their very own spirits. So, why not open their eyes to the process so they can learn the ropes?

This smoked whiskey cocktail set from MotorCityBarrels comes with all they need, including the whiskey barrel wood stave piece, a mini torch, and two rocks glasses (that uniquely fit the stave piece). The set uses real whiskey barrel wood to bring out the smokey scent and taste notes of any chosen whisky. Be sure to pick up the butane gas separately so your whiskey pal doesn’t need to.


Your whiskey gift recipient probably already knows that dilution is sometimes necessary, even just a bit, especially when it comes to high alcohol cask-strength whiskies. And this decanter makes it easy to do so while looking pretty cool, too.

One of the chambers gets filled with water, the other with whiskey. All they need to do is pour in a bit of whiskey, then a few drops of water. Then, they’ll enjoy the subtle notes of their favorite whiskey that might otherwise not come out.

If these DIY gifts don’t quite make your gifts for whiskey lovers mark, no sweat. Maybe your whiskey-loving friend would enjoy a game instead.

For Whiskey-Loving Game Players


Here’s a fun, strategic game any whiskey lover can play with their family and friends. It includes whiskey barrel playing pieces, score-keeping coasters, and a whiskey tumbler for dice-throwing.

The idea is that each player is a distiller of a certain type of whiskey (Irish, bourbon, Scotch, Rye) and competes with one another. Get the ingredients you need for your whiskey by rolling the dice and not sampling too much or spoiling your batch. You get until last call to steal or make as many barrels as possible, and the game finishes with a victory toast with a twist!

For Lovers of Whiskey Who Appreciate Art


Through award-winning and acclaimed photographer Jon Purcell’s eyes, the Art in Whisky luxury art book transports the most discerning whiskey fan on a stunning yet understated visual journey. They’ll see and learn about whiskey production and history worldwide, from industry pros in Scotland, Ireland and Spain, to Japan and Taiwan. Plus, the book includes a foreword by Master Distiller Richard Paterson in his personal copperplate penmanship.

This is a hardcover leather, handbound, limited and numbered edition that comes in a suede slipcase. It features flat binding so images are presented seamlessly, without reduction or distraction.


One of the great gifts for whiskey lovers is this adorably simple and fun art print for the whiskey aficionado in your life. Perfect for their office, living or dining room, bar cart, or kitchen, it has a mid-century or minimalist essence to it.

The print is a smooth matte finish, vertically oriented, and made in a few sizes: 5″x7″, 8″x10″ or 11″x14″. You can even get it framed in a greeting card or an 11″x14″ size if that works better!

For Whiskey Lovers Looking to Amp Up Their Serve


These super sleek NOS’R innovative insulated nosing glasses from Brumate are the first of their kind for whiskey of any sort. With a lifetime warranty, not only are they durable, but they’re made of unbreakable stainless steel. This makes them ideal for travel but more than sufficient for serving guests.

Their tulip shape helps enhance and keep in the complex flavor and aroma of even the finest whiskies. As well, the trademarked BevGuard technology means the whiskey inside won’t dilute and all of its flavor notes will remain intact – very important!


Make happy hour a breeze with this easy to clean whiskey glass from That! Inventions that stays cold without ice and won’t dilute the spirit. The glass uses a re-freezable, sealed fluid between double-walled shatter-resistant glass to keep drinks chilled for hours. Plus, the helpful cork sleeve acts as a coaster, absorbing condensation and keeping your hands from freezing directly on the glass.

For the Cocktail-Loving Whiskey Connoisseur


Is your whiskey-loving friend or family member into graphic illustrations, too? Well, this eye-catching, hardcover 90-cocktail recipe book, complete with all the whiskey classics, is in graphic novel style. And it’s brought to you by the award-winning, world-renowned The Dead Rabbit bar in New York City. This might become their favorite gift of the year… just sayin’.

A spinoff from 2015’s The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual, this updated and restyled cocktail book, The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem is based in a “Gangs of New York”-esque era. Stories are retold in a modern way, including with the authors – The Dead Rabbit founders and manager – presented as villains and heroes.

For Whiskey Lovers Needing a Little TLC


From Soap Distillery’s maker Danielle Martin, these natural and complex whiskey soaps are unique, fresh, and indulgent – just like a top-tier whiskey should be.

This set of two includes a whiskey bar and a honey whiskey bar, both made with just the right balance of woodsy, spicy, smoky, and sweet notes. That whiskey-loving bather you know will surely smell the usual oak, cinnamon, and caramel. But, their skin will also be delighted by the exfoliation from natural oatmeal and charcoal.


This fun, handmade, 99% organic lip balm from London’s Revered Beard is made with whiskey and shea butter. It makes the perfect “just because” or little add-on gift for that whiskey fan, especially in colder weather!

There should be something here to please every whiskey lover in your life and help you on your way to more creative and fun gift-giving. But if you’re ever unsure or at a tough crossroads, you can’t go wrong with a Taster’s Club membership and our hand-selected bottles of the best whiskey.

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