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Picking the Right Taster’s Club Membership

So you’ve decided to give a Taster’s Club membership for the holidays. Great! They’re going to love it. Now strap in, because here comes the hard part: picking out just the right one.

We’ve expanded a lot over the past several months, adding some brand new clubs to our portfolio to make sure we have the perfect option for everybody out there. That’s great news for you—but we get it, it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure which one your friend, husband, wife, parent, or family member will enjoy most. So we’ve assembled this handy guide to help you make the perfect choice. Read on, and proceed with confidence!

Let’s start with whiskey. You probably know if you have a whiskey lover in your life. But did you know, just like tropical birds, there are different kinds of whiskey lovers out there? Here’s how to determine which whiskey club membership is just right.


There are so many kinds of whiskey these days—bourbon, rye, Scotch, Irish, Canadian, quirky American craft whiskeys made from grains like triticale, millet, and heirloom wheat. If you’re shopping for somebody who loves variety, or is just getting to know whiskey, the straight-up Whiskey Club is the way to go. Each month, they’ll get a different whiskey, in a huge mix of styles and flavor profiles. It’s like Christmas morning, only it happens every single month.


If your friend has collected all eight Blantons toppers, knows the difference between a wheater and a high-rye, and can mix up a mint julep with their eyes closed, they’ll love our bourbon club. Each month, they’ll get a different bourbon—sure, some from Kentucky, but others from under-the-radar producers giving the big guys a Derby-style run for their money.  


If your dad ends every evening with a “wee dram” and has already planned out his bucket list trip to Islay, he’ll love our Scotch club. Each month, he’ll get a little piece of Scotland shipped to his door, including brand-new single malts, time-tested classics, and the occasional independently bottled treasure from Scotland’s greatest curators.

Scotch Pro

Have you ever heard your giftee refer to themselves as a “malt maniac?” Do they have very strong feelings that the letter “e” should never be found in “whisky?” Do they use Glencairn glasses for everything, even their morning coffee? Then they’ll love our Scotch Pro membership, which includes rare, super-aged, and highly sought after releases that are often unavailable in the U.S.


Does your sister love to travel? Is she always planning her next tropical getaway or long weekend at the beach? No spirits category is quite as international as rum. Becoming a member of our Rum Club is like taking a tiny vacation every month—this week, it’s Jamaica, but next week, it might be Fiji, Panama, or Brazil. It’s the perfect antidote to that cold, dreary part of the year that comes right after the holidays.


If your brother is starting to suspect that there might be more to tequila than the salt-lime shooter at his local dive, he’s right—and there’s no better way to get to know this amazing category than a membership to our Tequila club. Each month, he’ll get to taste a different premium tequila (think sipping, not shooting), including blanco, reposado, and añejo tequilas.

Tequila Pro

Does your friend somehow always know what’s cool? Can they pick out the next big thing a mile away? They’re going to dig our Tequila Pro club, which ships rare, limited edition, extra-añejo, and otherwise ridiculously special tequilas (plus the occasional mezcal).


Does your coworker love an icy cold martini after a long week’s work? Does she know the oft-repeated chestnut that “all vodka tastes the same” is not even close to true? Can she wax on for hours about the difference between potato, rye, and wheat vodka, preferably over a nice Salty Dog? She’ll love a membership to our Vodka club, which ships a new bottle of super-premium vodka every month, with selections from around the world. 


If your buddy pines after the latest crystal-cut Japanese mixing glasses, loves vintage barware, and has a mustache that is the envy of all your friends, we’re going to bet he’s a gin guy. No other spirit is quite so versatile behind the bar, and with a gin membership, he’ll be mixing up a different signature cocktail for the whole crew every single week.


We all have one friend with the uncanny ability to make any situation fun. She knows nothing says “party” like the pop of a sparkling wine cork, even when that “party” is just the two of you bingeing Stranger Things. That’s why you should gift her a membership to our brand-new Bubbly club. Each month, she’ll get a fresh bottle of an amazing sparkling wine, guaranteed to pair as perfectly with congratulatory toasts as it does with takeout fried chicken on a Tuesday night.

Stock the Bar

After reading all that, can you still not decide? Did you think “Yes, that’s the one” to every single option? Are you actually shopping for yourself? (We won’t tell!) Here’s what to do: Sign up for our Stock the Bar membership. For six or twelve months, you’ll get a different bottle of spirits every month. One month, it might be gin, the next, it might be bourbon or a rhum agricole. The only thing we’ll promise is that by the end, you’ll have a home bar that’s the envy of all your friends.

So there you have it, a quick run-down of each of our clubs and the people in your life they may be suited for. And don’t worry, no one has to be an expert to enjoy their membership. We send fascinating 101 digital content with each shipment so they can learn all about what they are drinking. Our clubs are great for those just starting to learn about the complexities of spirits as well as long-time connoisseurs.

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