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Taster’s Club Best Blended Scotch in 2023

Written by Emma C | Updated August 2023

With a history going back well before the 16th century, Scotch has a rich heritage but also a huge presence in the liquor world today. This includes the blended Scotch whisky category, which takes plenty of time, skill, and effort to master and is something worth seeking out. The best blended Scotch offers you combinations of distilleries' top single malt or single grain whiskies. Their smooth, complex profiles bring out the best notes of both the malt and grain within them. But, as with any quality spirit, it can be incredibly tough to choose from the wide array of options. That's why we've tasted many expressions and put together this 2023 guide to Taster's Club's best blended whiskies, all available in our bottle shop.

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Best Blended Scotch – Available in Our Bottle Shop
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1. Dewar's 19 Year

In 2023, Dewar’s 19 Year Old Champion’s Edition returned, as the brand entered its third year as the Official Scotch Whisky of the U.S. Open. Created by Four-Time Master Blender of the Year, Stephanie Macleod, in partnership with the USGA, this year’s edition honors the site of the 2023 Tournament at the Los Angeles Country Club. The special expression is double-aged and finished in Napa Valley red wine casks.

Region: Highland | Tasting Notes: Honey, Butterscotch, Toffee, Spice, Fruit | ABV: 43%

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve .webp__PID:f100df31-4b3f-4cf0-8a83-4e61057acecf
2. Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a luxurious, creamy, and honeyed Scotch blend, making a wonderful tribute to the seamless partnership of Speyside and Highland whiskies. It has a nice hint of smoldering West Coast embers.

Region: Speyside | Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Spice, Toffee, Nut, Smoke | ABV: 40%

Compass Box Hedonism.jpg__PID:35de3483-6e19-42f8-8816-6275c8e08af9
3. Compass Box Hedonism

The inspiration behind Compass Box’s whisky Hedonism is pleasure, enjoyment, and a celebration of that ideal marriage between distilled spirit and high-quality oak maturation. The aromas and flavors include vanilla, caramel, fruitiness, and a bit of coconut in the finish.

Region: Highland | Tasting Notes: Black Cherry, Sweet Spices, Cereal | ABV: 43%

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black.jpeg__PID:2a4fadef-140c-46e6-be15-f6a1975d2806
4. The Famous Grouse Smoky Black

Discover the smokier side of The Famous Grouse, with Smoky Black.Expertly blended using a rare peated malt to produce a deliciously smoky yet sweet whisky.Smooth, peaty and aromatic, this is a complex yet approachable blend with hints of dried fruit and soft smoky notes.

Region: Lowland | Tasting Notes: Dried Fruit, Spices, Aniseed/Cloves) | ABV: 40%

Monkey Shoulder.webp__PID:0bd4aaaa-527e-458d-b05a-a01f26eeff08
5. Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder is a blend of Speyside single malt Scotch whiskies married together for flavor and consistency. The richness and vibrancy combine with fruity aromas and mellow vanilla, making it perfect for mixed drinks and cocktails. Monkey Shoulder casks are former bourbon casks, which add smooth vanilla flavors to this Scotch. It also contains no grain whisky – just barley.

Region: Speyside | Tasting Notes: Toasted Barley, Clove, Butterscotch | ABV: 40%

Buchanan's 18 Special Reserve .webp__PID:a5d06440-4116-4ca3-84df-30d1852e4f91
6. Buchanan's 18 Special Reserve

Buchanan's 18 Special Reserve Whisky is a blend of grain whiskies and single malts aged for at least 18 years in oak barrels that previously held sherry. Silky and delicate, Buchanan’s 18 Special Reserve is a distinctive, rich, and well-rounded whisky with flavors of citrus, nuts, honey, and oak.

Region: Lowland | Tasting Notes: Red Apples, Dark Chocolate, Tobacco | ABV: 40%

Johnnie Walker Blue Label  .png__PID:c2bee50d-c87a-4089-b81f-0adc2d8e6795
7. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is rich, smoky, velvety smooth, and incredibly flavorful. Created from hand-selected casks of some of the rarest and most exceptional whiskies, this blended Scotch offers notes of hazelnuts, honey, sherry, and oranges, before releasing ginger, kumquats, sandalwood, and dark chocolate. A rich honey sweetness emerges, accompanied by hints of pepper and dried fruit, before a long, lingering, smooth finish of perfectly balanced, soft smoke appears.

Region: Lowland | Tasting Notes: Smoke, Toffee, Chocolate | ABV: 40%

Compass Box The Peat Monster .webp__PID:41169ca3-04df-40d1-852e-4f9129a1e57c
8. Compass Box The Peat Monster

This peaty blended malt contains malt whiskies from Islay along with some Highland malt. Together, they create a beautifully rich, smoky, fruity, and oaky whisky. You’ll smell and taste peaty, sweet, fruity, floral, and woody notes, ending in a lingering sweet, spicy finish.

Region: Highland | Tasting Notes: Peat, Bacon, Floral | ABV: 46%

The Dimple Pinch 15 Year Old .jpeg__PID:9ca304df-30d1-452e-8f91-29a1e57c792f
9. The Dimple Pinch 15 Year Old

The Dimple Pinch was established in 1627 as one of the world’s oldest distillers of Scotch. This easy-drinking, medium-bodied expression has been aged for 15 years. It offers soft aromas of malt, fruit, honey, and a bit of wood. You’ll taste similar flavors, including oak, pear, banana, and pepper.

Region: Lowland | Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, Toffee, Pepper | ABV: 40%

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years.webp__PID:dfc3c8f1-103e-4c5d-9496-c0d533fb10bb
10. Johnnie Walker Black Label

Created using only Scotch whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years from the four corners of Scotland, Johnnie Walker Black Label has an unmistakably smooth, deep, complex character. This spirit was recognized as one of the world's top-trending Scotch whiskies at the 2020 Drinks International Awards.

Region: Speyside | Tasting Notes: Wood, Smoke, Spice, Toffee | ABV: 40%

There you have it – 2023’s best blended Scotch brought to you by Taster’s Club, and all available in our bottle shop. Since a nice blended Scotch is perfect for gathering family and friends together or simply letting go of the day, you’ll want to keep this guide handy for whenever your next whisky opportunity arises. If you’re craving a more curated experience, though, we’ve got just the solution with our Scotch Club. It takes moments to sign up, and then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy a brand-new expression delivered to you each month.

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