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We’re Popping the Cork on Our Brand New Wine Club

The world of wine is almost unimaginably complex. Between the hundreds of different AVAs, the thousands of different grape varieties (seriously—Italy alone has more than 500), and the boundless creativity of the world’s winemakers, you could spend a lifetime studying this deceptively simple beverage and still have more to learn.

Fortunately, the best way to learn more about wine is easy: drink more of it. If only every learning experience could be so much fun!

Taster’s Club is all about exploration and discovery, so we couldn’t be more excited to launch a brand-new addition to our club roster: wine. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to curate an amazing new wine club designed for everyone who’s ever wanted to expand their wine palate, get to know up-and-coming producers, or learn more about the people, places, and stories behind the world’s most ancient fermented beverage.

We Send All The Best Wine

Unlike most wine clubs, which focus on a specific region or even a single producer, Taster’s Club sources exceptional bottles from around the globe, many of which can’t be found anywhere else. That means each month is different, which gives you the chance to get acquainted with the entire landscape of wine. We never tell club members what’s on the way ahead of time—the surprise is part of the fun, after all—but we can promise the selection will be varied and thoughtful. Over time, you can expect to see a mix of award-winning Old World and New World wines from producers around the world, like:

  • Rich, luscious new-world Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, Australia, Argentina, and South Africa
  • Earthy, complex Barolo and Barbaresco from Piedmont to inspire your next pasta night
  • Nuanced pinot noir from cool-climate regions like Burgundy, Oregon, Sonoma, and New Zealand
  • Sophisticated Spanish sparklers that will upend your expectations about Cava
  • Vibrant, aromatic, and often age-worthy Rieslings from Alsace, Australia, and Germany
  • Quirky natural wines made without sulfur or additives
  • Unusual bottlings from obscure regions like Slovenia, Georgia, and Greece
  • Resonant Rioja
  • Deliciously savory wines from France’s Rhône valley

We focus on sharing exceptional quality, super-premium wines from under-the-radar producers you might never get the chance to taste otherwise. We love wines made by family-owned companies who share our passion for great drinks and great stories. We’re also always on the lookout for organic, biodynamic, and natural wines to share with club members. But there’s no single style or philosophy that makes it a “Taster’s Club” wine. We’re committed to a single defining characteristic – exceptional quality.

We Help You Learn All About Them

Just like our other clubs, every month’s shipment is accompanied by a Taster’s Club 101, a digital brochure that includes expert-level insights designed to make you a confident, knowledgeable, and savvy wine drinker. These customized materials give you the inside scoop on each bottling, including everything you need to know about the region your bottle comes from, the grape—or grapes—it’s made from, the farmers who grew the fruit, how the wine was made, and how it fits into broader cultural trends. We even recommend food pairings for each bottle to help you maximize your enjoyment of every glass. Expect accessible, lively 101s focusing on:

  • The elusive concept of terroir (it’s more than just dirt) and how it impacts the style of wine
  • Unraveling the byzantine labeling and category regulations in Europe’s old-world wine regions, from Burgundy’s cru system to Germany’s tongue-twisting hierarchy of sugar content (Trockenbeerenauslese, anybody?)
  • Understanding how agronomic techniques applied in the vineyard translate directly to what’s in your glass
  • Peering behind the cellar door to learn more about pressing, racking, filtering, punchdowns, yeast selection, and fermentation
  • Learning what winemakers are thinking when they choose barrels, create blends, and assess the qualities of the newest vintage
  • Appreciating how market forces influence wine styles, from a historical perspective and in the modern day
  • Discovering the most satisfying food pairings for any wine, from light, lively Albariño to cocoa-scented zinfandel.

How does it work?

The Wine Club works a lot like our other club memberships: Sign up for the tier and timespan you prefer, and we take it from there. Each month, we’ll hand-pick exceptional wines from our favorite producers around the globe. Every delivery is accompanied by an expert-created 101 that tells you everything you need to know about that month’s selection, from why Chablis’ chalky soils are so important for its laser-focused, mineral-driven wines to how California fog is actually the key ingredient for making Santa Barbara pinot noir so elegant.

Our Wine Club offers two primary options, depending on how much wine you want to receive:


$49 plus shipping

First, choose red or white. Then, sit back, relax, and make sure your corkscrew is within arm’s reach. A bottle of your preference will be shipped directly to your door each month.


$89 plus shipping

Can’t choose between red and white? This way, you don’t have to. Each month, we ship one bottle each of red and white wine directly to your door, a kind of Taster’s Club two-fer of wine goodness.

Can’t commit? No sweat. We offer a range of pricing options, including:

  • Ongoing month-to-month payments
  • Three, six, or 12-month prepayment options

There’s no contract required, and you can cancel anytime.

Whether you’re an aspiring sommelier, a budding wine collector, or just love throwing a great monthly dinner party, Taster’s Club takes the guesswork out of shopping for wine. Instead of roaming the aisles at a local bottle shop or grocery store, wondering which of the dozens of bottles of Rioja you should choose, we do all the legwork, picking award-winning wines that exemplify their terroirs and illustrate the vast diversity of wines made today.

Ready to start your wine journey? Visit our website and sign up today.

Cin Cin,
Taster’s Club

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