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Taster’s Club is the longest running and largest premier online alcohol club. For good reason. Each month we ship specially curated selections from the worlds top award wining producers to your door and teach you all about it!

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First, select from 9 different club types. Or, if you want a taste of everything, check out our Stock the Bar club to receive a rotation of a different spirit type every month.

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Next, choose how you'll enjoy your club experience. We have 3, 6, or 12 month prepaid memberships, one time multi-pack shipments, or our most popular option and best value - our month to month subscription.

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Finally, select your delivery address. We deliver to 46 states, so make sure yours is on our map. PRO TIP: All Shipments require an adult signature therefore we recommend using a work address if no one is home during business hours. Map & Shipping Policy.






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Welcome to Taster's Club

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