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Looking for the Best Tequila Pro Club

Experience the pinnacle of tequila with the Taster's Club Tequila Pro Level Club, tailored for the ultimate tequila enthusiast. Discover hand picked aged expressions, including Reposados and Extra Anejos, each offering a unique and complex flavor profile.

Included in your Tequila Club:

  • Hand picked full size bottle of Tequila
  • Aged expressions from Reposados to Extra Anejos
  • Digital tasting notes 
  • Access to our members only bottle shop

Recent selections:

  • Clase Cuarenta y Cuatro Anejo
  • Black Sheep Silver
  • Don Camilo Extra Anejo
  • Tequila Vuelo del Aviador Reposado
Tequila Club Options
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How Taster’s Club Works 

Select How Many Months You Want

Choose how many months you want to enjoy your Tequila experience. We have 3, 6, or 12 month prepaid memberships, multi-packs; or our most popular option is our month to month subscription with an option to cancel at any time.

Select Delivery Address

Finally, set the delivery address. We deliver to 46 states, so be sure to check out our Map.
PRO TIP: All shipments require an adult signature therefore we recommend using a work address if no one is home during business hours. Shipping Policy.

Tequila of the Month Club

What You’ll Receive

  • One full size bottle of curated Tequila from the highlands and lowland of Jalisco, featuring expressions from blancos, reposados and añejos that are perfect for sipping or mixing up in a cocktail.
  • Selections recently featured:
    • Nocaut Reposado Tequila
    • Siempre Anejo Tequila
    • Nuda Silver Tequila
  • Our Digital 101 email about each bottle with tasting notes and drinking suggestions from the producer sent each month after the recipient receives their tracking information about the shipment

Month to Month Subscription
Cancel Anytime


Per Month Plus Shipping and Handling

Prepaid Membership

Want to only receive a specific amount of shipments? No problem! We have three great prepaid options - Choose from our 3, 6 or 12 month delivery options with a one-time payment that does not auto renew. You will receive all the same benefits of our monthly Tequila subscription box and you don’t have to worry about a monthly payment.

3 Months


Shipping Included

6 Months


Shipping Included

12 Months


Shipping Included

Three Bottle Gift Pack

A great option is our one time delivery of three great Tequila selections - all in one box. Receive a box of 3 curated Tequila selections in a one time shipment - all the great benefits of our monthly subscription, no waiting required.

3 Pack


Shipping Included

About the Tequila of the Month Club

You will receive curated, hard-to-find full-sized bottles delivered straight to your door every month. Our Curator chooses expressions from all around Jalisco from small batch producers making each bottle an adventure of its own. We even feature exclusive bottles with limited production and availability, so you know you’re tasting something special. If you are curious about the inspiration behind creating the bottle, check out our Digital 101s, full of the bottle’s story, why we chose it, tasting notes, and cocktail recipes.

Tequila 101s: Every Liquor Journey Needs a Guide

Your Digital 101 tells the story of why we curated a bottle for you and how to best enjoy it. Here’s what you can expect to find. 

  • The inspiration behind the creation of the bottle
  • Why we chose it for you
  • How to drink it 
  • Cocktail recipes
  • Expert tasting notes
  • The distillery’s story
  • The bottle’s unique ingredients, and production style 
  • Behind-the-scenes info on production techniques
  • Images of the bottle and distillery
  • Reviews
  • Awards

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Zsavonne Perryman
Loyal customer

I've been a member of tasters club for 7 years. My husband started it for me and have yet to receive the same tequila twice. Over the years there were some issues with timely delivery, but overall it's a great service and I appreciate the quality and variety of spirits I receive each month.

Melanie Levcovich
Good service but..

It would be nice if a card was included on the bottle in addition to the email

Cuz in my case my friend missed the email and didn’t know who it was from

Hi Melanie, I completely understand your concern regarding your gift notification. I do apologize if it was missed on our website that all correspondence comes via email. We sent a welcome email annoucing the gift and what to expect from the club to the recipient email on file. That was sent on 03/05. I do apologize if that was missed. Either way, I do hope this great gift is enjoyed. If you have any further questions or concerns please let me know. I am here to ensure you have a great experience in the club.

Franklin Whatley
Not impressed

I love the service haven’t like a tequila yet unfortunately

Corey Quinn
1 month down

Sent a fantastic choice of tequila. Well Wrapped in a timely fashion. So far so good

Clark Elkins
Great choice of tequila's! Great service!

I've loved each of the tequila's that we've gotten! I got this subscription for a friend as a gift and we opened each bottle together and had a great time trying each one! The only thing I would add is a nice write up about each tequila that tells us the history of each one and any interesting stories about the company. I would definitely do another subscription with Taster's Club again!

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Welcome to Taster's Club

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