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Dark Door Spirits Demeter Gin

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Dark Door Spirits was founded by two best friends, Matthew Allen and Brandon Marshall, who saw an opportunity in the Tampa market to create something different - featuring traditional spirits with a twist. They started with their 'Spirit of the IPA' which takes 100 gallons of locally made IPA that they run through the distillation process to create a IPA Whiskey. That recipe and the determination to to do something beyond the norm is what started it all for Dark Door.

Demeter Gin is Dark Door’s house gin that incorporates 10+ botanicals, pink peppercorn, and citrus zest that brightens up the gin. It’s a delicious gin that offers explosive tastes- very different than a more common london dry style gin. The brand is also starting to use Florida grains in their products with the goal to create year round business for local farmers, making them an integral part of their Florida community.