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Symphony No. 3 Aged Rum

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Symphony Rum is crafted at Dashfire Distillery. Lee Egbert founded the distillery in Minnesota with the goal to enhance the quality in spirits and elevate the rum category- especially by introducing rye to their 3 year aged rum. Producing products that are 100% organic with no additives, the brand is proud that they don’t add anything except what their labels state.

Floridian sugar cane rum is made in the distillery in Minnesota, and they’ve developed a super smooth rum that offers an easy finish without the bite- especially in cocktails, making a rum Old Fashioned much more approachable and easy to drink.

Symphony 3-Year-Old Rum is left in ex-rye barrels and embraces the American whiskey tradition, adding a slight dryness to the caramel and vanilla notes. Distilled in a pot still from molasses produced from Floridian sugar cane, it’s bottled at 44% ABV. Symphony Rum offers flavors of banana and mango, hints of vanilla, and a bit of cocoa lingers through the finish. It’s spicy and smoky tones are derived from the unique Rye wash, and it’s excellent neat or in classic cocktails.