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Taster’s Club Best Scotch Under $100

Written by Emma C | Updated May 2023

Whether you’re a huge Scotch fan or are just getting to know the historical spirit, there are many amazing bottles to try that won’t break the bank. One of the most common misconceptions about Scotch is that it’s super pricey. Sure, it’s easy to buy expensive bottles, but you can still easily get fantastic, well-aged bottles at reasonable prices. With so much to choose from, we know how overwhelming it can feel to make that purchase decision when you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a gift. So, we’ve done the work for you and created this very list of the best Scotch under $100 available in the Taster’s Club bottle shop!

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Best Scotch Under $100: Available in our Bottle Shop
Aberfeldy 12.jpg__PID:9cdd78c4-2992-4ce5-ae81-8ab21e9f6d04
1. Aberfeldy 12

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky is a classic, honeyed fruit Highland dram with easy, creamy, silky, sweet, and rich notes of fruit, spices, malt, honey, lots of vanilla, and just a hint of smoke. You might taste fudge, peach, toasted oak, and a bit of peat, while custard, prunes, and espresso are on the nose. The Scotch finishes with nuts, ginger, malt, and a bit of grapefruit.

Region: Highland  | Tasting Notes: vanilla fudge, peaches & cream  | ABV: 40%

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve .webp__PID:f100df31-4b3f-4cf0-8a83-4e61057acecf
2. Johnnie Walker Gold

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a luxurious, creamy, and honeyed Scotch blend, and a lovely tribute to the harmony of Speyside and Highland whiskies, with just a hint of West Coast smoldering embers.

Region: Highland, Speyside | Tasting Notes: vanilla, spice, toffee, nut, smoke | ABV: 40%

Benriach The Smoky Twelve .jpeg__PID:4f1944d8-4cdd-4e50-b254-038d8783168c
3. Benriach Smoky Twelve

The Smoky Twelve perfectly combines fruit, malt, oak, and rich smoke. It’s crafted from unpeated, peated, and three cask-matured spirits for at least 12 years in bourbon barrels, sherry casks, and Marsala wine casks. From there, the whisky from each cask is blended to create a smooth, creamy single malt, layered with flavors of ripened fruit, aromatic smoky sweetness, and warming oak spice.

Region: Speyside | Tasting Notes: fruit, oak, spice | ABV: 46%

Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or .webp__PID:e3e14649-0cb5-4fd8-bf2b-49a42bae2394
4. Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or

Glenmorangie’s Nectar D’Or was created with the delicate, fruity spirit of giraffe-high stills and matured in American oak bourbon casks and ex-Sauternes sweet white wine casks as well. The result is a delectable treat of white chocolate notes swirled with lemon cream, crème caramel, and almond croissants, along with some soft spice.

Region: Highland | Tasting Notes: chocolate, lemon cream, caramel, spice | ABV: 46%

5. Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Aged in American bourbon, Spanish oloroso sherry, and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt offers aromas of cooked fruit, sherry, and toffee, flavors of liqueur cherries, dark chocolate, and fruit, and a thick, rich, balanced finish. It’s a rich, complex whisky.

Region: Lowland | Tasting Notes: liqueur cherries, chocolate, fruit | ABV: 43%

Glen Scotia 10 Year Whisky .jpeg__PID:c1d8cf63-e2e8-4dff-a4a1-061a662aab17
6. Glen Scotia 10 Year Whisky

Glen Scotia’s 10 Year comes with a unique flavor profile of rich oils, green fruits, citrus, and the maker’s signature maritime notes. Aged in first-fill bourbon barrels, it makes a great introduction to Campbeltown whisky.

Region: Campbeltown | Tasting Notes: fruit, citrus, maritime notes | ABV: 40%

Old Pulteney Huddart Single Malt Scotch Whisky .webp__PID:aba471c9-a761-4bf7-ab53-c20cb7fba5f6
7. Old Pulteney Huddart Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This rich, warming single malt embraces a mellow smoky character. Both the influence of salt-infused sea air and peat smoke create a whisky with deep character, depth, and distinctness. The expression’s complexity and richness extends into its rich gold color, too.

Region: Islands | Tasting Notes: spice, vanilla, smoke, salted caramel | ABV: 46%

Aberlour 12.webp__PID:179d87b0-6c91-4bd0-873d-0bc758e749dd
8. Aberlour 12

This 12-year-old, golden amber and ruby-toned expression is a fine example of how the distinctively crisp, citrus character of Aberlour’s new distillate is deftly softened by double cask maturation. Traditional oak and seasoned Sherry butts are both used to great effect, as the mellowed spirits within are combined to deliver a subtly balanced flavor. You’ll get a round, soft aroma of red apple and fruity, sherried, chocolate tasting notes, with a sweet, spicy, warm, and lingering finish.

Region: Speyside | Tasting Notes: fruit, sherry, chocolate | ABV: 40%

Ardbeg 10.jpg__PID:b350aa42-bdba-44fc-9df5-0e38198e4980
9. Ardbeg 10

Named World Whisky of the Year in 2008, Ardbeg Ten Years Old is revered around the world as the peatiest, smokiest, most complex single malt of them all. Yet, it does not flaunt the peat; rather it gives way to the natural sweetness of the malt to produce a whisky of perfect balance. The chill-filtered Scotch delivers notes of coal, sweet peat, floral soap, chili, and pepper on the nose. You’ll taste mellow, soft flavors followed by powerful yet balanced peat, spice, citrus, pepper, and cinnamon toffee. Buttermilk, currant, and banana are next, along with cappuccino, marshmallow, licorice root, and more smoke. Finally, the drink finishes warm, smoky, and long.

Region: Islay | Tasting Notes: peat, spice, citrus, pepper, cinnamon, toffee | ABV: 46%

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie .jpeg__PID:ddc79fd9-5c70-4a93-9401-b427c1e91a09
10. Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie

This signature 50% ABV bottling and the definitive Bruichladdich showcases the classic, fruity, floral, elegant, barley or malt-forward house style, The Classic Laddie is made from 100% Scottish barley, trickle distilled, non-chill filtered, and coloring free. What’s interesting about this one is that each batch is unique and unlike the last – the barley is different each year and affects each cask which changes the spirit’s resulting flavors.

Region: Islay | Tasting Notes: apples, grapes, cinnamon, brown sugar | ABV: 50%

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