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Beware of Fraudulent Scotch

One of the best known Scottish exports is scotch and the government is now working to make sure you’re getting the real thing. Generating over 6.6 billion a year and employing over 10,000 people, it’s a very important aspect of the Scottish economy. The British government realizes how important this is and is looking to protect this valuable industry. They are working to create a public registry of firms that are authorized to produce Scotch, from fermentation through bottling. This move would bring more protection to other countries looking to use the products name and would make sure all Scotch claiming to be from Scotland was authentic.

This announcement is welcomed among both scotch enthusiasts and scotch producers. Imagine paying for what you think is a fine bottle of Scotch and realizing it’s a watered down fraudulent bottle. That’s what this new registry would combat. The true companies that are purveyors of the sought after drink are already applying for their approval. Even though the program will be voluntary, authentic companies are very interested taking part in the registry in order to receive the appropriate seal of approval for their company.
The counterfeit bottles mostly show up abroad, another focus that this program will also help with. Non-genuine scotch can easily be disguised as legitimate and can be sold, which is illegal. The biggest volume of Scotch shipments is to France, Spain and Germany and this will hopefully exploit those who take advantage of the system and sell counterfeit goods under the guise that they are from Scotland.

With Scotch’s popularity growing, it’s important to make sure that the Scotch you’re receiving is in fact what you paid for. Double check with the vendor you’ve purchased from that they have the correct liquor license and make sure that you’re not buying from any type of fraudulent market. Taster’s Club always makes sure to send you the best scotch available.

Enjoy. And, as always: let us know what you think in the comments below!

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