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Grab Your Cocktail Shakers, Gin and Vodka are Coming to Taster’s Club

Stock your bar with vodka and gin from around the world…or gift a membership to a friend

Are you crazy for cocktails? Do you love an icy-cold martini just like Bond, or jump at the chance to mix up the latest, greatest gin and tonic? Then today is your lucky day.

Taster’s Club is thrilled to launch two brand-new additions to its club program: Vodka and Gin. Now, you have the chance to stock your bar – or your friend’s bar – with the most exciting new white spirit releases from around the world. 

Similar to our whiskeyrum and tequila clubs, we’ve been hard at work finding the most exciting gins and vodkas out there. Craft vodkas made from locally grown produce? Check. Imported gins featuring perfectly balanced blends of botanicals? You bet. Fascinating new under-the-radar distilleries you’ve never heard of? Our specialty.

There’s never been a better way to discover the next starring ingredient of your signature Sunday morning Bloody Mary or after-work gimlet. Plus, every membership includes our proprietary 101 content, which makes becoming a spirits expert a snap.


Think vodka is boring? Think again. When you become a member of our Vodka club, you’ll discover just how varied and versatile this spirit really is.

Just like our whiskey, rum, and tequila memberships, you’ll receive a carefully selected bottle of vodka each month, accompanied by custom content telling you everything you need to know about each month’s bottle.

We’ve curated an expansive list of must-have vodkas, from traditional Russian vodkas to new-wave craft releases from the United States, the United Kingdom, and beyond, appealing to connoisseurs and newbies, alike.

To keep things interesting, you’ll get a mix of neutral and flavored vodkas. (But don’t worry, we won’t send any of that silly birthday-cake-whipped-cream-cotton-candy stuff—we’re grown-ups, just like you.)

Members can look forward to bottles like:

  • Charbay Blood Orange Vodka
  • Leopold Bro. Silver Tree Vodka
  • High West Vodka

When you join the Vodka club, you’ll also be enrolled in our Vodka 101 course, which delivers custom Taster’s Club content about vodka every single month. You’ll learn all about each month’s bottle, including who made it, where it comes from, and what makes it special. We’ll also include cocktail ideas, from riffs on classics like the Moscow Mule, to contemporary new concoctions from top bartenders.


If gin’s more your thing, our new Gin club will keep your bar stocked and your cocktail shakers full. On the team, we’re seeing a renaissance in the world of gin. The days when most gin tasted pretty much like a Christmas tree are behind us. Today, we’re seeing exciting distilleries roll out fascinating, diverse gins created by today’s most creative distillers who see in it a venue for delicious tinkering, experimentation, and innovation—plus, of course, some of the most stylish bottles on the market.

We’ve assembled an eclectic collection of the best global gins for mixing, sipping, and stirring. They run the gamut from juniper-forward London dry styles, to lush botanical infusions featuring ingredients like rose petals, orange zest, cucumber, and star anise. You can look forward to bottles like:

  • Jensen Gin
  • Oola Gin
  • St. George Botanivore Gin

When you become part of our Gin club, you’ll quickly find out just how versatile it really is. Few spirits offer the home bartender quite as many opportunities, from refreshing gin and tonics to brisk martinis. With each shipment, we’ll also give you ideas about the best way to mix that month’s gin—plus, of course, everything you need to know about the brand, style, producer, and history.

How it Works

Our Gin and Vodka clubs work just like our Whiskey, Tequila, and Rum clubs: Once you sign up, you’ll get a bottle of gin or vodka every month. We’ll also send you a lively “101” that tells you everything you need to know about each month’s bottle, from the history of the producer to the best ways to drink it. Impress your friends with your knowledge of gin’s early debt to Dutch Genever, or sound smart talking about terroir, without wading through boring or irrelevant information. You’ll be the smartest one in the room.

There’s no contract. You can cancel anytime, and there are no cancellation fees. Just the sheer joy of getting a party-in-a-box delivered right to your door, every single month. We don’t tell you what you’re getting ahead of time—that would spoil the surprise!—but we can tell you we work very hard to select unusual, distinctive, and just plain delicious products that you often can’t find anywhere else.

Interested in trying it out? Sign up now! Our first bottles of gin and vodka are shipping in mid-November, just in time for holiday entertaining. We also make it easy to give Taster’s Club memberships as a gift. Sign up online, and we’ll send you, the purchaser, a slick certificate emblazoned with the member’s name so you have something to wrap and deliver with love. Then, we’ll send the first bottle directly to your recipient, easy-peasey.

See you in the club!

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