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Looking for the Best Wine Gift?

We’ll take that special someone on a curated wine journey featuring red and white wine from the world's top producing wine regions and unique grape varietal, delivered straight to their door each month.

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Wine Membership

Most Popular Gift For Those That Like One Wine Bottle A Month

One full-sized bottle of wine (choose white or red) shipped
 directly to your special someone’s door every month.

Save 10% on your first month, was $49.99

Save 10% was $49.99/mo


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Wine - 2 Pack Membership

Perfect Gift For Those That Want More Wine!

Two full-sized bottles of one white and one red bottle of wine shipped directly to your gift recipients door every month.

Save 10% was $84.99/mo

Save 10% on your first month, was $84.99


Per Month Plus Shipping and Handling

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First, pick from our 9 spirits or wine clubs. Want a taste of everything? Check out our Stock the Bar Club to receive different spirit types each month.

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Next, choose your journey from our month to month subscription; 3, 6, or 12 prepaid memberships; or our multi-pack shipments. 3 great way to enjoy the club.

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About the Wine of the Month Club

You’ll receive curated bottles delivered straight to your door (or to a friend!) every month. Our Curator chooses bottles with unique flavor profiles, production styles, aging processes, and grape varietals, making each bottle an adventure of its own. We even feature bottles with limited production and availability, so you know you’re tasting something special. If you’re curious about the inspiration behind creating the bottle, check out our Digital 101s, full of the bottle’s story, why we chose it, tasting notes, and food pairing ideas. 

wine of the month club

Wine 101s: Every Liquor Journey Needs a Guide

Your Digital 101 tells the story of why we curated a bottle for you and how to best enjoy it. Here’s what you can expect to find. 

  • The inspiration behind the creation of the bottle
  • Why we chose it for you
  • Food pairing recommendations
  • Expert tasting notes
  • The winery’s story
  • The bottle’s unique varietals, style, and finish 
  • Behind-the-scenes info on production techniques
  • Images of the bottle and winery
  • Reviews
  • Awards

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