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Taster’s Club’s Best Bourbon Under $100

Written by Emma C | Updated May 2023

If you’re on the hunt for the best bourbon in terms of both quality and value, you’ve come to the right spot. While there are plenty of bottles out there that simply aren’t worth their price, the great thing is the opposite is equally true. You can get many top-quality bourbons with rich, deep flavor profiles that won’t break the bank. The tough part is deciding! That’s why we’ve tasted many great bourbons and bring you our top picks for the best bourbon under $100 in 2023 based on style, flavor, and value, all available in our bottle shop. With this list, your hard-earned money will be well spent and you won’t end up with anything less than great

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Best Bourbon Under $100: Available In The Bottle Shop
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1. Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Being in the industry for so long there are bottles that stick with you throughout your spirt journey. That bottle for us has always been Wild Turkey Rare Breed. Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon is a bold and unapologetic expression of the iconic Wild Turkey distillery. This barrel-proof bourbon is a true embodiment of the untamed spirit, boasting a robust flavor profile that captures the essence of Kentucky craftsmanship. A blend of 6, 8, and 12-year-old bourbons, Rare Breed is bottled directly from the barrel, ensuring an intense and rich experience with every sip. With its high proof and deep, complex character, Wild Turkey Rare Breed stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering genuine, full-flavored bourbons for enthusiasts seeking an authentic whiskey adventure

Region: Kentucky | Tasting Notes: Smoky, Grain, Spice | ABV: 112.8%

Larceny Barrel Proof .webp__PID:db784aaf-fc01-4cfd-b05d-45b13fe16c45
2. Larceny Barrel Proof

Enjoy this wheated bourbon with a punch! Larceny Barrel Proof unleashes the full force of our celebrated wheated Bourbon mashbill, delivering an unfiltered and barrel-proof expression that captivates Bourbon enthusiasts. Released in January, May, and September, each batch represents a meticulously crafted Small Batch Bourbon, showcasing an unparalleled depth and character. This bold iteration, akin to its counterparts Larceny Small Batch and Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond, stands as a testament to the exceptional quality achievable with wheated Bourbons, offering a robust and distinctive tasting experience. Embrace the untamed spirit of Larceny Barrel Proof, a true celebration of the craft.

Region: Kentucky | Tasting Notes: Rich molasses, fig, hazelnut | ABV: Varied per release

Maker's Mark Private Collection Chocolate Sundae.jpeg__PID:a9ea7a87-b089-4a17-b97b-97f7dc07c778
3. Maker's Mark Private Collection "Chocolate Sundae"

Maker's Mark Private Collection offerings are always a treat. Each one is different but always delicious. No difference here! Maker's Mark Private Selection Chocolate Sundae Bourbon is a distinct addition to our wood-finishing series. Originating as fully matured Maker's Mark at cask strength, each barrel undergoes a transformative journey with the infusion of 10 custom wood finishing staves. Aged in our limestone cellar for a nuanced flavor extraction, participants wield influence over stave selection. Boasting 1,001 possible stave combinations, this bourbon unveils a personalized finish and taste profile that is both unique and unmistakably Maker's. Embrace the artistry behind Private Selection, a refined expression shaped by your preferences.

Region: Kentucky | Tasting Notes: Chocolate, vanilla, oak | ABV: 54.75%

Old Forester 1920.png__PID:ee81b5cc-2a10-486a-8370-0c9534af4ca0
4. Old Forester 1920

A treat from the past. This bourbon has impressed as of late. Although Old Forester never disappoints. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon is a captivating tribute to the bygone era of Prohibition in the USA. As one of the six distillers permitted to continue bourbon production for medicinal purposes, Old Forester's legacy spans pre, post, and during the Prohibition period. Bottled at a potent 115 proof, mirroring the effects of the "angel's share" during maturation, this bourbon authentically captures the rich flavor profile cherished nearly a century ago. Indulge in the enduring tradition and exceptional craftsmanship that defines Old Forester's enduring commitment to bourbon enthusiasts across generations.

Region: Kentucky | Tasting Notes: Dark caramel, spice, oak | ABV: 57%

Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Wheated Bourbon.webp__PID:b59083df-9cb5-4f5a-abb2-e6d4219efb2c
5. Jefferson's Ocean Wheated

Take to the high seas of flavor with Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea wheated bourbon. This expression is fully matured for at least four years, then placed in rickhouses on ships to travel the world. This hyper-ages the bourbon. The constant agitation, weather conditions, and sea-salt air impart a flavor like no other. Wheat is a softer grain than rye and will not compete with flavors as the spice of the rye does. This allows the flavors intrinsic to ocean voyages to be amplified.

Region: Kentucky | Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, Toasted caramel, slight sea salt | ABV: 45%

Four Roses Single Barrel .jpeg__PID:11411951-0bda-4356-929a-d38743626929
6. Four Roses Single Barrel

This complex, full-bodied, and incredibly smooth single barrel bourbon has aromas of oak, caramel, vanilla, fruit, and mint, flavors of honey, apple, vanilla, oak, and spice, and a delicate, long, and mellow finish.

Region: Kentucky | Tasting Notes: Honey, Apple, Vanilla, Oak, Spice | ABV: 50%

Noahs Mill Bourbon.png__PID:0ccf5420-cf07-4090-a02d-f87eed357a9f
7. Noah's Mill

One of the most lush and rich Whiskeys on the market. The nose is walnuts, prunes, and floral notes. The palate mimics the nose with walnuts, prunes, spices, intertwined with lavender and balanced with the perfect amount of acid, that leads you down a path of lingering burnt caramel.

Region: Kentucky | Tasting Notes: treacle, vanilla, cinnamon | ABV: 57%

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon .webp__PID:6d485ced-1cf9-414e-bb4d-640b81eddce4
8. Russell's Reserve Single Barrel

Another staple that should be on any collector's bourbon shelf. Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon epitomizes the essence of bourbon craftsmanship, hailing from the birthplace of this revered spirit and utilizing techniques with roots dating back to pre-Prohibition times. Bottled at a robust 110 proof and non-chill filtered, every barrel boasts its distinctive character, contributing spicy, bold nuances to the luscious tapestry of Russell's Reserve. Immerse yourself in the rich symphony of signature toffee and vanilla notes, each sip an exploration of the heritage and dedication encapsulated in this exceptional single barrel bourbon.

Region: Kentucky | Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, spicy, bold | ABV: 55%

Old Grand Dad 114.jpeg__PID:53710326-b134-48a4-baaa-df87d493fb2e
9. Old Grand Dad 114

This has to be the best bag for your buck bourbon. It is bold and delicious and a great everyday sipper. Old Grand Dad 114, stands as a cornerstone in Jim Beam's celebrated lineup. Its ascent in popularity mirrors the bourbon renaissance, and despite occasional contemplation of discontinuation, devoted fans champion its accessibility, formidable proof, and distinctive Jim Beam nuttiness. As the apex proof in the Old Grand Dad series, which includes 80, 100, and bottled-in-bond versions, ODG114 holds its own. Dispelling misconceptions about its affordability, this expression emerges from the depths of my cabinet, inviting a sip to uncover the nuanced character that sets it apart within the rich legacy of Jim Beam.

Region: Kentucky | Tasting Notes: Bold, Spicy, Rich | ABV: 57%

Penelope Architect .png__PID:bf002f82-b685-4c8b-9325-9268def9ccd4
10. Penelope Architect

This brand has come a long way from early days being featured in our club to big time award winners. Penelope Architect Bourbon is an artistic exploration of flavor construction, paralleling the precision of architectural design. Drawing inspiration from the principles of architecture, this distinctive bourbon is crafted in collaboration with Tonnellerie Radoux, French oak barrel pioneers. Utilizing their cutting-edge OakScan® process and French oak staves, each bottle becomes a meticulously constructed masterpiece. In bourbon-making as in architecture, precision is paramount, and Penelope Architect Bourbon stands as a testament to this commitment, leaving no room for error in its pursuit of an unparalleled and innovative flavor profile.

Region: Various | Tasting Notes: crème brûlée, savory oak, Creamy sweetness | ABV: 52%

Now that you have a sense of the best bourbon under $100 in 2024 from Taster’s Club, you’re all set to impress your guests with some or just explore on your own. Or, if you’re wanting a more curated experience, we’ve got you covered with our Bourbon Club, which we will ship you a new monthly bottle from top award-winning producers from around the country..

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